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Co mě vzrušuje
Ask me...
O mně
You'll soon know that I'm the most difficult man
Co mě odpuzuje
Not many things
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Basik, my friend, thank you very much for your support and always the good mood with which you saturate me))💋🤗🥰
Basik, my friend, thank you for unlimited support and just for mood) you are very cute and a good man) I'm very happy that we got to know one)
You gave me a limit!
Do not think that this has brought me disappointment !!!
For me it's a certain kind - extreme!
How is my daily Bonga-stream :)
YOU not think, because without a fight I will not surrender!
And you, I will no longer give in!
You'll see that with me your jokes are bad :))))
Read and enjoy - these lines are beautiful :)
With me you can not agree)
Perhaps you can even wonder.
But I am sure my warranty.
You will applaud you standing!
You challenged me and I did not turn away ...
And only flirtatiously and I smiled sweetly.
Perhaps you think that I do not have time.
Apparently did not live up to your expectations.
Well, you read and enjoy !!!
I have to finish and wrap it))
PS:At the helm is always to be a man on the ship, that in life, as a woman should follow her man))) just a good quote)))))))))))
My dear friend, I am writing these lines,
I know you have been waiting for it all :)
After all, in friendship, no concepts of "timing"
Well this is very good)
I remember our first encounter,
Communication, joy, mutual good mood)
Maybe it was self-indulgence)
But do not forget me this moment ....
You challenged me in the game:)))))
And be sure you do not hit the face in the dirt :)))
I have received from this crazy ecstasy
And maybe one day we will repeat :)
Frankly, I was worried)
But I think, kept a stiff upper lip
And in my thoughts I said to myself
The result will be an unexpected end.
And so it happened, for friendship won!
And this I am very very happy)
Thank you for such a great time
After mutual satisfaction for me - an award!